The military is known for its ability to develop strong, effective leaders, in short periods of time. The transformation of its people into leaders does not simply happen due to a change in title or rank. It happens as a result of the respect earned from peers, subordinates and senior leaders by acting selflessly and free of ego, having the confidence to make decisions despite uncertainty and encouraging and respecting the contribution of others. It’s about leading by example.


With 500+ years of collective military leadership experience, our team will introduce you to the principles of a simple stress-tested system called Flawless Execution (FLEX). Based on the culture, ethos and know-how of elite military leadership, FLEX will empower your managers and leaders to increase their personal engagement, confidence and responsibility which, in turn, will increase the engagement and confidence of their teams. It is the unique culture built on collaboration, a bias to act and a “nameless and rankless” environment that drives leadership excellence in the military and will do the same for your organisation too.

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Unique focus areas and specific takeaways:

COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP – Collaboration is critical in any organization. It’s the key to innovation and agility in complex environments, and drives mutual trust, full-team engagement and buy-in at every level. Leaders must engage their people at every level of the organisation to create motivation and drive accountable action.

BIAS TO ACT – Analysis paralysis is a significant threat to success in today’s fast-paced world. Unlike other leadership development programs, Afterburner corporate leadership program empowers leaders with the tools to build a plan with the (sometimes limited) information available and execute it with confidence.

NAMELESS AND RANKLESS – Fundamental to flawless execution is the disciplined practice of the Debrief and the powerful culture required to properly conduct one of these unique reviews. Afterburner’s leadership development program will open your leaders’ eyes to a new way of operating where decisions can be made, collaboration is encouraged, and continuous improvement is a must.

Highlights of Afterburner’s experiential learning programs:

  • Our pilots are some of the most efficient operators in the world. Despite this, they are extremely down to earth and approachable and are never “on the clock”. They can be available during the breaks and before or after the event to speak further with you and your people about your business and the value FLEX can add.
  • Our pilots are passionate about high performance culture and, through their real stories and extraordinary experience, they will inspire and motivate your team to perform at their peak.
  • We do not adopt a “one size fits all” approach to our programs. In fact no one program is ever the same. Prior to our program we will work closely with you to understand your business, customise our program and ensure our focus and message is aligned to your objectives.  


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