Fighter Pilots operate in some of the most rapidly changing, complex and hostile environments on Earth, yet they consistently excel in achieving planned outcomes. Why is it so?

They are certainly intellectually, physiologically and psychologically the ‘right stuff’ and of course they learn and practice a wide range of flying, navigation, fighting etc. skills to a level of proficiency only a few attain.

Fighter pilots are also particularly adept at maintaining clear focus on objectives in the midst of complexity. This is a learned skill too, that relies on simple and repeatable processes to get things done, but unlike their other skills it requires no special talent. They are a critical part of the ‘fighter pilot way’ that anyone can learn and it’s the ‘secret sauce’ of Afterburner’s FLEX process.

Afterburner brings the fighter pilot way to business


Afterburner Australia & New Zealand is a team of fighter pilots who are passionate about helping business learn and apply the same techniques to achieve mission success that worked for them in their air force careers.


“What a flawless execution! Congratulations to the Afterburner Team for their delivery of the presentation at our 28th Annual State Conference. It was extremely well researched and planned. The initial time you spent, via teleconferences, discussing our organisation’s issues, directions and identifying the key messages that we wanted delivered to the audience was critical and certainly resulted in a slick, smooth and sensational presentation. Martin, your retention of knowledge of our industry from the information provided in our brief was exceptional. I would not hesitate in recommending Afterburner and the Flawless Execution Program.”

ECA Annual State Conference, Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island

“Thank you once again for playing a major role in our state wide ICU education meeting. The feedback has been nothing short of excellent with the morning sessions receiving a particularly enthusiastic response – have attached a summary of our Saturday conference evaluation. I have spoken to many delegates personally and a genuine appreciation and enthusiasm regarding the quality and style of the program, particularly the morning session, is universal. The only criticism seems to be the sessions weren’t long enough!”

Royal Hobart Hospital

“On behalf of the ICE-CCM I would like to thank you sincerely for your participation in our leadership and personal development workshop held in Sydney recently. Your presentation “Flawless Execution” opened a new perspective to the way health professionals plan, execute and measure outcomes of daily practice. It has come at a time where health outcomes are in the front line of media and politics. The feedback from the group was exceptional and almost all gave an excellent mark for content, applicability and presentation style. Your presentation was most professional, highly interactive and showed the depth of your understanding of all issues; I was most impressed by your ability to understand medical issues and custom make your presentation towards your audience. We intend to run theses workshops as a regular event around the world and we have learned substantially from your presentation of things to include in future workshops.”

International Collaboration for Excellence in Critical Care Medicine

“On behalf of Subway Australia/New Zealand, I’d like to thank you and your Afterburners team for the tremendous job that you did at our Australasian Convention in Auckland. You energised the entire group from the outset and set the tone for the best franchisee Convention we have ever staged. At Subway we have held numerous conferences and seen many keynote presentations over the years, but yours was like nothing we have witnessed before. We are currently experiencing tremendous growth and change within our system and your ‘Flawless Execution Model’ hit all the right notes. I can’t recall a keynote presentationthat has motivated and made such a positive impact with our franchisees. They were astounded by the depth of knowledge that you displayed about the Subway franchise. As you know, our President and Founder Fred De Luca flew out from the USA to attend this Convention and you helped demonstrate to him that we can execute a conference as well, if not better, than any other region in the world. He was most impressed. The only downside is that we’ve set such high expectations for future Conventions, so finding a keynote to match the impact of Afterburners will be no easy task. Needless to say, we can highly recommend Afterburners for a unique, high-impact experience that will leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to see it.”


“I would like to thank you and your team for your involvement in our National Sales Conference, in January, and the follow-up workshops recently run in each State. Your presentation of the “Flawless Execution Model”, at our National Sales Conference, drew widespread congratulations from our Sales Force and Sales Managers alike. The level of energy and motivation in the room after the presentation was incredible, and the impact of your presentation was enormous. This is testimony to the way that you linked components of the “Model” to the work of our Sales Force, as well as to the huge amount of research, and preparation, undertaken by your team. Your knowledge of our business, and relevant products, was exceptional. However, without follow-up, many presentations are quickly forgotten. Your follow-up workshops with the Sales Force, in each State, have ensured that many of the lessons learnt from the “Model” are currently being transferred to the day to day work of our Sales Force. This will ensure that our Sales Force remains focussed on what they need to do to ensure that budgets are achieved in 2004. I look forward to working with you at our June Sales Conference and can highly recommend “Afterburners, as a team of highly professional trainers.”


“We first used Afterburners in June 03 – we had just restructured our national retail sales team of over 117 staff and wanted to provide my new team with a cohesive team event that embodied what we were striving to achieve for the new financial 03/04 – new performance culture, provide new insights on how to do things better and do so in an environment that stretched our sales team…Afterburners absolutely delivered beyond our best expectations. In summary Afterburners, provided Telstra with the Flawless Execution Program of Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief & Win in a challenging, spirited, structured & learning team environment. It was a perfect session for our sales team who come out motivated not just in the short-term, but on achieving long-term our objectives & budget. Based on our great June experience with Afterburners, we re-engaged Afterburners again in Oct 03, to refresh our team and ensure they were on track for our peak Christmas retail season. I can highly recommend Afterburners as a team of professional hands-on top gun trainers.”


“On face value, military planning couldn’t be further removed from a family owned business working in the wine industry. Yet we have already incorporated some of key thinking presented by Afterburner around executing an air force ‘mission’, such as re-framing the way we approach debriefs within our teams so that we can capture lessons learned for next time.”

Brown Brothers

“Boo, Homer and Wardy were engaged by The Good Guys to assist with the transition from a Joint Venture Partner business to a fully corporatized operation. As part of this transition The Good Guys were focused on delivering a ‘Remarkable Retail’ experience for its customers through the implementation of an enterprise wide management and sales system. Afterburner supported the good guys by introducing the FLEX program, bringing six days of intensive training together into a final experiential program for over 100 Store Executive Managers focused on leadership, planning and debriefing the daily operations of this billion dollar organisation.”

The Good Guys


Christian “Boo” Boucousis – Managing Director

Christian “Boo” Boucousis was a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force for 10 years. He is now the CEO of Mode, an innovative property development group that is currently developing Australia’s tallest prefabricated hotel in the Perth CBD.

Boo’s story is a real world example of how fighter pilots use the skills developed during their military careers to succeed in business.

Diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Boo could no longer fly fighter aircraft and so he decided to take the plunge into business. Using the skills and knowledge he acquired in the Air Force, he co-founded a successful humanitarian support company in the Middle East growing it to over 1,500 staff. Boo then sold that business and moved back to Australia to focus on developing affordable building methods, which was the genesis of Mode.

Boo attributes his success in business to the values and discipline he learned in the Air Force – focus, efficiency, continuous improvement and simplicity. And because of this experience, Boo fundamentally believes that the simple methodology used by fighter pilots (which Afterburner calls FLEX), can accelerate the performance of any business or organisation.

“Wardy” – Chief Operations Officer

Wardy joined the Royal Australian Airforce (“RAAF”) when he was 19 years old and has been flying fighter jets ever since. In 2006 he became a fighter instructor and a year later was selected as the Australian F/A-18 Display Pilot conducting low-level aerobatic demonstrations at air-shows around the country.

In 2009 Wardy was appointed as Australia’s first Super Hornet Instructor and Director of Training for Australian Super Hornet pilots and weapons systems officers. This appointment was carried out in California with the US Navy prior to the new jets arriving in Australia.

During his post in USA, Wardy completed a day and night qualification on US aircraft carriers. Upon returning to Australia in 2011 he was promoted to the Executive Officer of one of the RAAF’s fighter training squadrons during which he was responsible for 170 people and 17 jets.

Currently Wardy dedicates half his time heading up the RAAF’s planning team, managing the training, operations and emergency and contingency planning activities of the RAAF’s jets and fighter force personnel all around the world. The other half of his time is spent as the Chief Operations Officer of Afterburner Australia.

Wardy is passionate about sharing the culture and ethos of fighter pilots with others and finds it extremely rewarding when he is able to assist teams improve their performance. He has significant experience working with small teams in areas such as medical, sporting and sales.

“Slash” – FLEX Coach and Facilitator

Slash grew up in the UK and joined the Royal Air Force (“RAF”) at 18 years of age. Slash’s talent as a pilot was quickly recognised and, after only 3 years in the cockpit, he was selected to attend the Central Flying School to train as a Qualified Flying Instructor (“QFI”). Completing one tour as a QFI, Slash went on to fly the Harrier for 6 years. During this time he became a Qualified Weapons Instructor (the RAF equivalent to Top Gun) and completed operational tours in Iraq and the Former Republic of Yugoslavia.

After 12 years in the RAF, Slash recognised that promotion and a posting out of the cockpit were inevitable so he made the decision to pursue his passion for flying. He accepted a job working for BAE Systems as a contracted flying instructor, teaching Royal Saudi Air Force pilots on the Hawk lead-in fighter trainer.

Slash spent 4 years living and working in Saudi Arabia before accepting an offer to bring his considerable experience to the Royal Australian Air Force (“RAAF”). In 2001 he became a flying instructor on the RAAF’s newly purchased Hawks. In 2003 he had the honour of selection as the first RAAF Hawk Display Pilot when he performed his aerobatic display at many locations, including the Australian International Airshow, Avalon. Later in 2003 Slash switched to the F/A-18 Hornet; he subsequently served on two operational squadrons and one tour as the Chief Instructor at the F/A-18 training squadron.

Slash joined the Afterburner team in 2005. His passion for sharing the discipline of execution has kept him extremely motivated to split his time between Afterburner and his full time role in the RAAF. In 2010 he completed a year of study and earned a Masters in Strategy and Management. Slash immediately put this to use when he was appointed as Chief of Plans for Air Combat Group, where he was responsible for planning all operations and exercises involving fighter aircraft from 2011 to 2013. He has since returned to the F/A-18 training squadron, teaching new F/A-18 pilots. Slash has amassed well over 5000 missions as a fighter pilot and has considerable experience teaching, mentoring and planning, both in the military and in business.

Our team of coaches and facilitators are all current or former serving Royal Australian or New Zealand Air Force fighter pilots.  They are some of the most effective operators in the world. They plan at the highest level, brief clearly and concisely, maintain focus and manage task saturation, and strive to improve after every mission. Our coaches and facilitators bring the unique culture, ethos and know-how of the fighter pilot community to their work with business.